A Tale of Two Coasts

A Tale of Two Coasts

They say there are two sides to every story.

The all new 2019 YXZ 1000R is no different. I was afforded the incredible opportunity to test the new YXZ in the East and West. It started out with a trip to Stony Lonesome OHV Park this trip was pretty well documented here. I knew right then I wanted one. The direct connection of the sport shift YXZ had me sold from the first 10 feet. Instant connection, direct power and the gearing is solid in the woods.

We spent the day in the machines taking turns going through the tight woods, mud, steep hills and rock crawls. I expected the YXZ to do well, but I didn’t expect it to excel. I live in these tight woods and I didn’t expect it to surprise me. The 2019 they hit the nail on the head. Moving the radiator to the back, the larger 8 ply tires and the gearing change of course just solidified this as a serious east coast contender.

Being an east coast rider I thought I had all the perspective I needed after this trip. I was wrong. Yamaha wanted to show us the capability of the YXZ on the west coast as well, so a month later we were off to Johnson Valley, CA. This is where things get interesting. I’m a complete fish out of water in the desert.

I quickly learned why everyone calls the YXZ a west coast machine. As capable as it is on the east, it just felt home in the desert. My lack of experience of desert riding was masked by the overwhelming technology of the YXZ. It handled huge changes in terrain without even breathing. It reached speeds we never see on the east, there were a couple times we were well over 70 mph. This is foreign to me, but thankfully not to the YXZ. Wow.

It can’t get any better than this. Right? I mean every single design aspect of this machine has a purpose. Those tires that handle the roots and rocks on the east crawl these huge jagged rocks in the desert with ease. The suspension that makes you forget you are in huge off camber crawl situations out east is the same suspension that is smoothing out whoops out here. Thoroughly impressed!

Yeah. It didn’t stop there. When we were in Johnson Valley we saw a Turbo kit on a motor, but they didn’t have CARB approval to run one on a YXZ. So once again I was invited back to Cali to the world famous Glamis Sand Dunes to try out the YXZ Turbo. Everything you love about the YXZ just got better. I’ve not run the turbo in the woods, but I will say it will do very well. In the dunes it was very deliverable power, it was a tamed monster ready to attack anytime your right foot commanded. Very drive-able otherwise.

We tested every option imaginable. Turbo with Bighorns, Turbo with Paddles, NA with Paddles and NA with Bighorns. I personally liked the Bighorns better than the paddles, but that was just because of my lack of experience with them, and the sand. Here’s a quick vid of me in the turbo on paddles vs the NA on paddles:


East or West, this YXZ hits the mark as a serious contender. If you are looking for that alpha dog, apex predator machine, go with the GYTR turbo kit. The power delivery is insane but measured. You won’t be sorry, from muddy trails to huge dunes, the all new 2019 YXZ 1000R is at the top of our list.

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