YXZ1000R Side Mirrors from EMP

YXZ1000R Side Mirrors from EMP

Extreme Metal Products (EMP) got another accessory, just right on the YXZ1000R. These side view mirrors fit all YXZ’s from 16+. I love them on the Yammer Hammers YXZ, and this is why.


Installation couldn’t be easier. two mirror brackets and two mirrors, 4 new bolts for the ROPS bracket with locking nuts makes for a straightforward design.

Simply take the existing ROPS hardware out of the A-Pillar connection and install the new ones with the appropriate bracket. I installed the mirrors on the brackets first but I suspect you could do this either way.

Since these mount to the ROPS connector, it won’t interfere with any windshield system or other accessory you may want to mount.


EMP Mirror at Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Adjusting these mirrors is simple and sturdy, there is no shake or vibration even in the harshest of riding conditions.

The lower mounting position gives you a much more natural angle of view than some of the other options on the market.

  1. How can I order the yxz1000R side mirrors from emp that mount on the rops bracket with longer bolts?

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