2019 YXZ1000R West Coast

2019 YXZ1000R West Coast

There is no doubt the YXZ feels at home on the left coast. One of the most popular misconceptions we come across riding here in the east is the thinking that it is built for solely west coast riding. I see where people get the idea from, and if it weren’t for the fact that we ride them here on the east I’d tend to agree. Everything about this new YXZ felt at home out in sunny Johnson Valley, CA.

The rock trail was tamed by the lower gearing and new MCU tuning that enhanced lugging mode before it would half clutch. In fact, in my whole day of riding the varying terrain, the clutch never kicked in on those slow speed crawls.

High Speed

Johnson Valley YXZ

We all know this is where the YXZ shines. Running 70+ across the desert is like a horse walking back to the barn by itself. It just feels natural. There is no better way to put it. The wheelbase, suspension and power are perfectly matched. My experience in the west is very limited and the machine didn’t punish me for it. Wrong line choices, bad crossover angles and oops on the whoops all were taken in stride. Never cow hopped or acted unnatural in any situation.

I went over some of the changes for the 2019 YXZ1000R in my East Coast Review, but I never thought being out west I’d love that lower gearing even more. Some of the obstacles these guys deal with out there are huge. A slow methodical approach sometimes is the best way to conquer them and That is exactly what this machine with the lower gearing gives you.


The best part about the YXZ accessories in my opinion is they release their own accessories with the machine. They are designed in conjunction with the the R&D on the unit itself. You know for a fact everything fits and works 100% the way it is supposed to. Seamless integration and unsurpassed fit and finish makes it look like your accessorized YXZ1000R rolled off the assembly like this way.

Changes for 2019

  • Gearing is 23.6% in first and 7% reduction in 2-5th respectively.
  • Tires went from 27 to 29″ Original Bighorn 8-Ply rated
  • All-new rear mounted 32% larger radiator with 300% more airflow
  • Larger front and rear braking with stainless lines
  • Larger bolt pattern, 4×156
  • 31% less heat in cabin
  • New suspension settings and offerings
  • All-new Sport Shift v2.0 MCU logic
  • 40% less clutch disengagement at slow speeds
  • 50% less half clutch timing during down shifting
  • 230% more clutch durability
  • All-new ROPS system saves 50mm overall height
  • New heavy duty whip mounts for lighted whips
  • Larger front wheel bearings
  • Rear A-Arm guards
  • and more!

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