Adding Electrical Accessories to Wolverine, X2 & X4

Adding Electrical Accessories to Wolverine, X2 & X4

I love 12 volt accessories. I want them done right though. I hate splicing wires and generic wiring kits that are ‘one size fits all’ when none of it fits. The folks at Yamaha have thought of this when designing their machines, but very few people know how to tie into these systems.

Wolverine (16-18)

There is one accessory plug directly in the center of the hood underneath the plastic. I suspect this is good for about 15 amps (180 Watts) 20A max, although I haven’t tested that.

Here is a picture of its location, the connector has a dust cap on it, which is actually part of the plug if you want to just put your terminals directly into it, simply pop out the dust seals and you are good to go.

OG Wolverine Accessory Plug

Wolverine X2 / X4

I made a wire harness that plugs into that accessory port, and gave me an LED light bar switch, in my case 120w (or 10 amp) that looks something like this:

LED Switch

Switch Blanks

One of the biggest improvements for me with the X2/X4 from an accessory outfitting standpoint is the addition of the switch blanks. They give you 4 spots just in front of the gear selector.

Switch Blanks

Wiring the Switches

The wiring is simple, that plug gives you a positive and negative lead with the key on, so for  a light bar it is perfect. On a lighted switch like this, simply piggy back your +/- to make your switch light up.

The white cap you see in this picture is actually even provided for you, all you need are the terminal and dust seal for your wire. The connector is called a Sumitomo MT 2P (2 Prong, MT Series) The Sumitomo part number is: 6187-2171

Part numbers for the terminals are: 8230-4408 and you can buy them online pretty easily

The dust seals are: 7160-8234

You can buy the whole kit, (the plug, 2 terminals and 2 dust seals) here.

You can even buy them with pigtails already crimped if you like, then you can just add a butt connector (although I’m a big fan of least amount of wiring connections possible)

X2/X4 Accessory Plugs

On the X2/X4 Platform you get 4 accessory plugs next to the turtle key behind the firewall, you can reach them from under the drivers wheel well if you don’t want to pull the firewall out but it is a simple process either way.

These are great to add a hidden GPS Tracker, USB port, small light bar, relay trigger and so on. If you have any specific questions about them, just ask on our Yammer Hammers Facebook Page, or send us a message.

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